Friday, June 12, 2009

Wysteria gets a home

I think it was in April (the days are running together), Shawn designed, ordered all the materials for and then constructed the pergola in our front patio all in ONE week.  There once was a pergola in this spot (pre-house remodel), but I really like this one better and not just cuz Shawn built it, but it turned out to be a much better design and it's prettier.  Check out these before and after shots:

It makes a HUGE difference AND, the poor wysteria that has been flailing after being cut back to nothing for three years can finally reach up, out and over with it's beautiful winding arms which is green much of the year and even when the leaves fall it is YAY.  Strande, you've become a master at your carpentry!!  I guess, all prep for the guitar making years to come.

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